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Step 1-10:

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 Step 2:
Cash Now Funnel
For PLS Begins Here. 

The "Cash Now Funnel" is a powerful training
to help you get started with the Power Lead System (PLS)!

Don't miss watching these videos.
Your success DEPENDS on it!

Cash Now Funnel Training
Video 1

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Cash Now Funnel Training
Video 2

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Copy and paste this Share Code (where the video shares
with you inside PLS):  

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Cash Now Funnel Training
Video 3

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Step 3:
Cash Now Funnel Review:

Make sure you get the Cash Now Funnel Training (CNF) 
for PLS setup. You should have set up: 

Video 1):

You've gone "All in" so you can earn 
at the highest levels.
 Upgrade as high as you can
with as much as you can afford.

Rule of Thumb:
1. Don't spend more than you can 
2. The more assets you own, the more you will earn FASTER!
Want to "Fire Your Boss?" Then going all in will
make it happen much faster. 

Think of this like you're playing Monopoly, but instead of
buying "houses and hotels", you're buying and
selling "internet property". The higher assets
you own, the more you will earn (and the faster
you will be able to go full-time).

Video 2):

You've got your domain set up.
You've got your CNF link ready to use.

Video 3):

You understand how to start advertising.

Great work completing the Cash Now Funnel.
Now contact your coach to let them know!

Step 4:

Want to set your domain to be HTTPS instead
of HTTP? 

Step 5:
Tax Write-Off!
Your business is a total tax write off! That means that 
whatever you spend on it, can be completely written off on 
your taxes! In fact, there's SO MUCH more that can
be written off as well.

Every time you drive somewhere and share your business
with someone along the way
or do something business-related, the expense incurred
can be written off (milage or gas). Every time you go out to eat and share your business
with someone or do something business related can be written off as well
(food expense etc)! And I haven't even got started!

If you're interested, PLS has business cards you can share with others.
Simply go in PLS, go to "PLS Legacy" near the bottom of the Menu,
then go to "Promoting Your Business Offline" and look through 
the submenu for "Print Resources" and look through this for 
the vendor where you can order your business cards!

Want professional help? 

For the price of a cup of coffee a day,
you can talk to a high-priced attorney who's a specialist in 
that field about any legal issue or concern.

Get legal consultation and advice on everyday issues,
unlimited number of personal document reviews (up to 10 pages each),
legal letters sent on your behalf for any subject matter, Will 
Motor vehicle legal help, 75 hours of trial defense, 
if you're named the defendant or respondent in a covered civil or 
criminal action filing, 50 hours time if given notice
of an IRS audit etc...

See full details 
HERE  about Legal Shield.

Just keep in mind that I'm not a professional tax authority, so
you will need to consult your tax expert before you
implement any of these ideas. Information gathered
here about Legal Shield and their plan is not concise and
full details must be viewed from the source for a proper

Step 6:
Start Earning!

Begin earning quickly and easily
(No extra effort) with Tranzact Card 

Step 7:
Start Advertising Part 1:

 Watch this video to get your Ad Page set up:


Get your ad set up with this share code:

CNF "Big Camera" Capture Page


This page has been changed to get 
Name and Email

Franks CNF "Big Camera" Capture page. View here .
Share Code: 752201-Big-Camera-Capture 

Step 8:
Start Advertising, Part 2

 Watch this video to get your Cliqly Ad Page set up:

Let's start advertising! 
Set up your Udimi ad using this training: 


Step 9:
What's My Next Step?



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Step 10:
Fast Start Training!


Are you getting on the PLS FAST START each Monday & Thursday? 

If not, try your best. The reason is that each night you get 
on will encourage you to try and get someone on the next time 
and join you! Even if you don't have anyone to invite - eventually you WILL!
If you advertise, build a list, and build a relationship with your list, eventually,
you will get new members and they will FOLLOW you.

If you're on the path to success, then so will they. 
Remember that introducing people to this call will do three things:

1) This call will let them know that PLS is real and that 2) People are 
succeeding here. It will also encourage them that they can make 
high ticket sales too and accomplish their dreams.

This will enable YOU to earn high ticket commissions
ten times faster

This strategy has made me thousands of dollars and
can do the same for you.

With Six-Figure Earners, Ace & Rich Guzman


While you're waiting...

Here's the phone number to hear CEO Neil Guess
of the Power Lead System on Wednesday at 9:00 pm EST: 

1  516 253-3218
Listen to Ace & Rich's True Story HERE
16 True Testimonials in PLS HERE

Some Beginning Advice: 



Please, do NOT jump around from program to program!

Most people jump from business to business for years looking
for the perfect business without success. 
I know I did too!
HINT: there is NO perfect business. 

Eventually, I learned that it's the SKILLS you learn that will make
you successful. Learning the basics is where it all starts. 

PLS is one of the few programs that not only help you build your list
(critical to succeeding online), but also help you track your ad links,
edit your autoresponder emails and build "bridges
of communication
" with your list and give you the tools
to create your own unique ad pages. 

Most of this is "done for you" inside the PLS system using
the Cash Now Funnel. However, we will explain
further details about all this when you're
ready in Step 2.

If you jump from program to program, you will interrupt 
building your list. Instead of building your list 
into the hundreds and eventually thousands of prospects, you will
stop, join another program and then have to start growing your list again.

Most people never really start and continue to build
their list to any large size. This is a KEY element to success. 


Your asset is what will eventually make you money
over and over again (if you build it big and get to understand it). 

You have every tool you need to succeed with PLS! 





We look forward to working with you! 


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