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Want more details? Everything from logging-in tips, additional details about 
setting up your domain, and how to begin making your first capture page
where to go to set up your autoresponder, track your links, and how to
use your contact manager. You can see it HERE

You can log in to PLS by clicking on this link below:

 Step 1:
Cash Now Funnel
Begins Here. 

If you have NOT joined yet, go to where it 
says "
Click Here
" in red below. Click it,
watch the video and get started.

If you HAVE already joined the Power Lead System (PLS)
and paid your $1,

1) G
o to where it says "Click Here" in red below but 
read the DIRECTIONS below the "Click Here"!

 Click on the video below when you're ready
to go to the Cash Now Funnel


And paid the $1)

2) By pressing the
"Click Here" button above 
will allow you to access the Cash Now Funnel page,

pretend you have NOT joined
and click the "
Yes! Let me in
" button under the 
main video and get started with the training.


You're already a member and have access to 
 the PLS back office
 by simply
going to: MyCompanyAdmin.com 
and then logging in. 

Once you're on the second page, there will be three 
videos to watch: Step 1, Step 2 & Step 3.
 Watch each one.
Pause the video whenever you need to do something
and then come back and press play. 

The training should be obvious from there,
but If you're having trouble or get stuck, simply
email or call Albie at:

SailingWithAlbie@gmail.com /

Now go back up and press
the BIG RED "Click Here" button above
or go here now. 



Please, do NOT jump around from program to program!

Most people jump from program to program for years without success.
I know I did too! Learning the basics is what it's all about. 

PLS is one of the few programs that not only help you build your list
(critical to succeeding online), but also help you track your ad links,
edit your autoresponder emails and build "bridges
of communication
" with your list and give you the tools
to create your own unique ad pages. 

Most of this is "done for you" inside the PLS system using
the Cash Now Funnel. However, we will explain
further details about all this when you're
ready in Step 2.

If you jump from program to program, you will interrupt 
building your list. Instead of building your list 
into the hundreds and eventually thousands, you will
stop, join another program and then have to start again.

Most people never really start and continue to build
their list to any large size. This is a KEY element to success. 

You have every tool you need to succeed with PLS! 

Now go back up and press
the BIG RED "Click Here" button above
or go here  now.


We suggest mastering Frank's basic 
duplicatable system above before you go to Step 2. 

Step 2:
Additional Training

 The Full PLS Training:
"Take the Challenge".

Success is all based on learning

If you're NOT SUCCEEDING, it's because ultimately
you're not understanding the fundamentals (the 5 Critical Skills).
Frank teaches you important parts of these skills but only the basics.

It will change everything for you!
It took us five years just to discover what these skills were
from a seven-figure mentor. You will not be disappointed if you 
focus on learning them and begin to master each of them.

It will only take you a fraction of the time it took us to learn these as
you have us here to help you! And you don't need to run around in the 
dark for years just trying to figure out what they are!

After you get the Cash Now Funnel down and understand it 
 and have followed EVERYTHING 
you can from Franks's training, then continue here in Step 2
and begin to learn the 5 Critical Skills.

PS: Please email me if you need help! :)

Skype: Albion Derbyshire
Facebook Messenger: Albion W. Derbyshire


Learn the Fundamentals + Everything
about PLS at our Team
Training Below: 


Challenge One will teach you all the basics about PLS. ..........................

Challenge Two will teach you how to begin implementing the................
5 Critical Skills using PLS.

Challenge Three will teach you more advanced skills using the................
5 Critical Skills (in PLS).

Challenge Four will teach you tons of our advanced SECRETS using the
5 Critical Skills (in PLS).

To Your Success! 



We look forward to working with you! 



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